Russian Banya in Detroit - Social Club for Men in Detroit

Health Benefits



No matter what one calls it – Sauna, Banya, or Hammam – its health benefits are tremendous. This is why almost everywhere, steam bathing (in steam showers or saunas) became an important medical procedure and an impetus to the development of health care.

Top Seven Health Benefits

  1. Relaxed socialization with friends in banya (sauna) reduces stress and anxiety.
  2. High temperature in the Sauna stimulates sweating, thus removing unwanted materials and improving the work of kidneys, releasing excess water and salt from the body
  3. Excessive sweating opens the skin pores, cleaning it and making it softer and fresher.
  4. Steam bathing in the sauna stimulates protein circulation, improving digestability of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and mineral elements.
  5. General circulation is improved by 30 per cent.
  6. Cholesterol, the primary cause of atherosclerosis, is being burnt in the body
  7. The body is filled with energy and immune system is improved.

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